A new astonishing and breath taking ios application that permits iPhone 6 clients to take 360 degree pictures of items and afterward display them as 3D photos. The applications is named 3DAround, the application is made by Swiss programming organization Dacuda  which takes pictures that are not only 3-D, as well as intuitive.

3DAround Can Let You To Click In 3D With iPhone 6:

And Yaayyyyy the app is free to download, the application was intended to click 3D pictures of party food or whatever,  to cash in on the popularity of food photography but it works just as well with any similarly sized object.

“The app allows users to share full dining experiences via 3D images so lifelike, viewers can almost taste the food,” Alexander Ilic from Dacuda was quoted as saying to BGR.

“3DAround extracts a full 3D model of an image, capturing object depth and structure as users move around to take food photos from various angles. It combines these multiple images into a single, virtual 3D photo,” he said.

Utilizing the iPhone’s accelerometer, the application permits users who have downloaded it to impart pictures that are similar to a 360 degree walkaround. By tilting the iPhone, the picture moves and swings around the item with motion.

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