As there are few games which really requires very high end rig to run. Previously we have Top 10 best graphics games, but higher graphics also refer to higher requirements here we have a list along with some benchmarks reflecting 3 of the most CPU intensive games.

Test Setup:

Intel Core i7 3770 (stock)

Intel Core i5 3470 (stock)

Intel Core i3 3220 (stock)

AMD FX 8350 (stock)

Nvidia Geforce GTX 780 (reference)

3 Of The Most CPU Intensive Games

Testing Methodology:

We have tested many games but out of which we have found 3 which are lethal for CPU or simply here we 3 of the most CPU intensive games. The GTX 780 (reference) was use in all cases.

So let the count down begin:

3.Company Of Heroes 2:

Company of heroes although do not possess good visuals but it’s very demanding for both GPU and specially CPU. Take a look below.

3 Of The Most CPU Intensive Games


Core i7 3770: 47 fps (100%)

Core i5 3470: 35 fps (74 %)

Core i3 3220: 31 fps  (66%)

AMD FX 8350: 42 fps (89 %)

As you can see i7 3770 was fastest giving 47 fps while FX 8350 was 5 fps less around 11% slower. The i3 3220 was offering 34% worse than i7 3770 and 24% slower than FX 8350. Intel core i5 3470 was also not good just 4 fps which is 11% faster not a big gap. So overall the game works better with more threads as FX 8350 and i7 both have 8 threads but i7 3770 offers better performance per thread.



ARMA III is hefty pressure your CPU have to bear, by increasing draw distance and stuff will increase burden on CPU. Let see what we have here.

3 Of The Most CPU Intensive GamesResults:

Core i7 3770: 60 fps (100%)

Core i5 3470: 53 fps (88 %)

Core i3 3220: 38 fps  (63 %)

AMD FX 8350: 49 fps (82 %)

Again i7 3770 takes the lead over all you may notice that i5 3470 is on lead with 4 fps which is around 8% better, it simply indicates the game do not use more than 4 core for sure plus the advantage of good per core performance made it possible for i5 to hop over Octa core FX 8350. Intel core i3 3220 was performing around 37% worse than i7.


1.Crysis 3:

Not a new name though, it is a GPU hungry game we all know but actually it is a godzilla for CPUs.

3 Of The Most CPU Intensive Games


Core i7 3770: 67 fps (100%)

Core i5 3470: 62 fps (93 %)

Core i3 3220: 37 fps  (55 %)

AMD FX 8350: 65 fps (97 %)

As indicated by results Crysis 3 a game that requires better per core performance if it is not sufficient was saw Crysis 3 whooping over 6 threads on i7 and FX, for people having i3s their CPU may cry as performance is 45% worse than i7 3770. The i7 3770 , i5 3470 and AMD FX 8350 all are performing nearly same. It is the most CPU intensive game till now (2014).

Note: We have not taken the games working specifically better brand-wise whether intel or AMD, as there are few games like Watch Dogs where i3 performing better than any FX 8000 series processor. The game above listed are neutral works on both intel and AMD brands equivalent.


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