Before we tested Intel’s Haswell  upgraded version of Core i7-4790, the Core i7-4790K we have to wait until June 2 to officially decryption, as well as its Pentium Anniversary Edition G3258 processor will also release with it, Intel G3258 have unlocked multiplier.

Pentium Anniversary Edition G3258 processor

The Floks at VR-Zone Chinese Version comes with the CPU-Z screenshot of this processor, this processor is not equipped with hyperthreading, turbo boost and other technologies as this is a budget type CPU. The Clock speed is  3.2GHz, no Turbo Boost function, 3MB L3 cache and TDP of 53W.

This 20th anniversary edition Pentium processor is still using LGA 1150-pin, Intel 8 series and 9 series motherboards can support, but there are many BIOS temporarily unable to open multiplier adjustment options,  the motherboard manufacturers have to follow up.