2K Games held its press conference during the GamesCom event where the new features about the upcoming WWE game were revealed. As per the 2K Games, the new WWE game will have updated controls, improved pin method, working hold, where players will be able to hold opponent and regain the stamina and much more.

The WWE 2K16 will be largest video game, having 120 playable characters.

 “WWE 2K16” will feature a new submission system, brand new commentary, an updated creation suite and more characters than ever before.” 2K Sports.

Following are the new features included in the WWE 2K16

  • 2K Showcase and MyCareer are back: The respective story-based and career-driven modes will return in WWE 2K16, giving gamers the chance to relive legendary moments in WWE history or create some of their own. Most notably, MyCareer will give players the ability to fight their way from the developmental ranks of NXT all the way into the WWE Hall of Fame.
  • A deeper Creation Suite: WWE video game enthusiasts will get the chance to customize their WWE video game experience in a more robust way. In addition to improvements in popular features like Create a Superstar and Create an Entrance, WWE 2K16 will also offer new ways to modify their games through Create a Diva, Create a Championship, Create an Arena and Create a Show.
  • Overhauled online gameplay: 2K altered the online options offered in WWE 2K16 based on fan feedback, which will include a revised matchmaking system and other ways to play with the WWE Games community.
  • Substantial gameplay improvements:WWE 2K16 enhances the gameplay experience based on fan feedback as well, which should result in a WWE 2K16 that’s tailored more closely to what fans want. Changes will become apparent in the form of improved controls, new moves and submission holds, a new reversal system, a new pinfall system, improved AI, additional match types, new chain wrestling and a new system called working holds, which will affect a character’s stamina based on how the maneuver is applied. The newest game in the WWE 2K series will also feature dynamic entrances, which will make the pre-match moments part of the overall experience and give gamers the chance to attack opponents before the bell.
  • More authentic look-and-feel: The latest installment by 2K will present a slew of new and realistic animations, but WWE 2K16 will also benefit from changes to the overall gameplay experience, too. This year’s game will include a three-man broadcast team for the first time, adding JBL to returning characters Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. Those three will narrate the action that’s designed to flow more freely, as loading screens will disappear between entrances and the opening bell in order to let gamers get in on the action and stay there until the end.
  • New Reversal System: The reversal system has been reworked to improve the overall flow of the match and also create a new level of strategy during the matches. Each Superstar has a limited number of reversals he or she can perform that recharge over time, meaning players might not want to simply try and reverse every attack. In addition, WWE 2K16 introduces Major and Minor reversals for select moves. Minor reversals are easier to perform and only require a single reversal stock. Major reversals are more challenging to perform; however, they yield a much greater reward than damage.

The game will be released on October 27 in North America and October 30, 2015 worldwide for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360. Stay tuned for more!

Source: WWE


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