When Blizzard initially offered 21: 9 Aspect ratio support, overall It was very well received, especially by those lucky ones who had a monitor able to offer this aspect ratio. However, by the conflicting opinions and strange assumptions, in a fairly radical act the company decided to remove this option from the game for a while considering that could cause differences and disadvantages between players.

Blizzard Team Will Not Increase Max FOV Beyond 103 


And the story does not end here. According to users of Battle.net, the aspect ratio 21: 9 really does create differences in the visual field of players.

To illustrate these differences, the end user has posted a couple of screenshots where you can see this variation. What is seen in the broader picture at a glance Version 21: 9 is exactly the same that what you see in version 16: 9, only the 21: 9 is cut at the top and bottom.

Here you can see the image with 21: 9 aspect ratio:

Overwatch 21.9 vs 16.1 aspect ratio

And here the same in 16: 9 aspect ratio:

Overwatch 21.9 vs 16.1 aspect ratio

After that discussion on Battle.net page, the director of the game Jeff Kaplan finally explained the stance of the studio. Kaplan explained it as follows:

“We do not plan to increase the max FOV beyond 103, in any resolution,”

“As a result, this doesn’t leave us with a lot of options for 21:9 support. I know this is not the answer our 21:9 players want to hear. But we feel like it would be unfair to 16:10 and 16:9 players if 21:9 gave a substantial FOV advantage.”

Via: Pcgamer