Here’s why Dragon Ball Xenoverse is coming to PC.

Hello gamers! It’s 7 AM in India here, not a good time for writing an article. I have got to attend school today, so I have 1 hour for writing this. This is VotV and you are reading it on Tech4Gamers. Let’s begin it.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is the first Dragon Ball game that is coming to PC in ages. It’s so good writing this as I am a PC gamer myself and from 4 years, I have been waiting for a PC release of a Dragon Ball game by some popular publisher. Now, once my Maths teacher told the class that we never cared about “why stuff happened?” Ya, agreed, so from that day, I started searching for logic in everything, that led me to this article. Following are the reasons.

1. Fan requests and petition – If you go back in time and do a Google search on “Dragon Ball XYZ coming to PC” and you will find thousands of forums filled with threads on it along with some Dragon Ball fanboys pleading Namco for releasing one of their games on PC and it’s not like it has been here just from a few years but I guess these posts are there for the last decade.

All Dragon Ball fans were disappointed after the release of “Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z” because it didn’t release on PC. Namco’s PC fans may not be much like their console fanbase, but they can’t deny the fact that every single fan is necessary.

They say that one should never lose hope and they were right, you can find a petition here for releasing Dragon Ball Xenoverse on PC here. Fans are happy about the fact that the new DB game is making its way to PC.

2. The new architectures – Well, remember PS3 and Xbox 360, obviously, they aren’t that old. We all know that even after so many years of the last-Gen consoles’ releases, we still don’t have a stable emulator for any of them, thanks to their architecture being so different than the PC.

Talking about the current-Gen consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, both have a very similar architecture to the PC making it easy to port over a game without spending too much money and facing a hell lot of technical errors. The new architecture has made video game porting process easy and cheaper than ever.

Conclusion – That’s all folks. We don’t care much about the reason, do we? We, the PC gamers are just happy about the fact that finally a Dragon Ball game, that too a game like Dragon Ball Xenoverse is coming to PC. Time to go to school, I hope you all enjoyed the article.

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