Haswell-E has not yet officially released, and Intel Broadwell-E is also confirmed. The Intel Broadwell-E will completely remove the Haswell architecture from the race.

14nm Broadwell-E will fully support the X99 Chipset Wellsburg and will arrive in 2015.

Broadwell-E will fully support X99 Chipset “Wellsburg” and LGA 2011-3 is the socket, the “-3” indicated the Third version of 2011 socket. Additionally, it uses DDR4 memory. Note that part of the LGA 2011-3 by the current LGA 2011 is not compatible, so consumers who want to upgrade to Haswell-E is the need to purchase another motherboard and memory.

The leaks show in Intel’s driver update, they officially have not only revealed Broadwell-E but also that it will be coming to Intel’s 9 Series motherboard.

14nm Broadwell-E X99 Chipset

 Intel in recent years in accordance with the practice, Broadwell-E fastest possible launch in 2015.

Additionally Processors will follow the nomeclature the normal Intel system in which there would be the addition of 5, for example i5 5670k, i7 5770k and so on.  Scale upto 8 Cores and 16 Threads are the possible chances.