Intel yesterday, the first public presentation of the future new processor “Braswell”, it should be ranked according to the naming rules in Haswell, Broadwell after becoming the sixth generation Core family, but according to its positioning and architecture, such a thing does not seem entirely child.

On the official road map, Braswell was placed in the Bay Trail Behind, the following main $ 500 entry-level price of low-end desktop and mobile markets, the operating system fully supports Windows, Android, Chrome OS, Linux, manufacturing technology upgrade 14nm, and or the design of SoC chip system.

Chrome OS systems that are not supported by a previous generation, Now Intel has been set a green signal for Chromebook. Meanwhile, Intel also a live demonstration of their development based on Android 4.4 KitKat 64-bit version of the core  and is optimized for Braswell.

VR-Zone posted a diagram Braswell allegedly architecture which can be seen impressively 4 Core Atom, and 1MB L2 cache did not match the two cores (a total of 2MB), as well as the eighth generation graphics core, and a variety of input and output.

14nm Braswell architecture
14nm Braswell

From this design look, Braswell should be a continuation of the current system Silvermont architecture, essentially the current Pentium / Celeron J / N series, Atom Z3000 series is no different, but the process plan it, I am afraid that the performance is also very What is difficult to surprise.

This means that it Haswell, Broadwell will not be a level, in fact, on the Intel roadmap will also be listed in it under Broadwell, the relationship between them as now Bay Trail, Haswell low as complementary.