In the CPU / APU aspect AMD’s product strategy for this year is gradually clearing up they will launch mobile version Carrizo and Carrizo-L architecture APU. Carrizo series will not entertain the desktop players, but to replace the AMD Kaveri APUs upgraded version will take place codenamed “AMD Godavari”. Previously we have seen the exposure of A10-8850K APU, but now foreign media have leaked whole line-up total 12 APUs, listed in March.

AMD Godavari APUs line-up Specifications leaked

Picture Courtesy @VRZONE
Picture Courtesy @VR-ZONE

VR-Zone Chinese received AMD official detailed documentation, the whole line-up will feature 10 APUs and 2 CPUs, the top is A10-8850K (replacing A10-7850K) the core clock frequency is 3.7GHz and turbo boost up-to to 4.1GHz. A10-8850k has 4 CPU cores and 8 groups of GPU units providing a total of 512 stream processors, but the GPU core frequency is upgrading from 720MHz to 856MHz. AMD Godavari APUs are expected from April 22,2015 distribution of the retail channel.

AMD Godavari B Series has 5 models, including the A10 Pro-8850B, A10 PRO-8750B, A8 PRO-8650B, A6 PRO-8550B and A4 PRO-8350B. But the suffix B’s APU specifications look nothing changes, A10 Pro-8850B compared to the current A10 Pro-7850B only enhance the 100MHz frequency acceleration.

At last there are also two CPUs Athlon X4 870K and X4 850. The X4 870K core frequency is even lower than the current X4 860K and the latter is 4.0 / 3.7GHz, X4 870K even just at 3.7 / 3.5GHz and X4 850 core frequency is not as current X4 840….. What are you doing AMD?

In addition, AMD suggested that the A10-8850K need HS78 level of the radiator and the new processor if not necessary, it may only need to upgrade the GFX graphics driver.

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