November proved to be a good month for both the console makers, especially because of the amazing and attractive Black Friday deals and bundles due to which the industry witnessed a great number of sales of the Xbox One and Sony’s PS4.

A couple of days ago, it was revealed that the PS4 outsold Xbox One in the month of November, after four months of consecutive win of Xbox One over PS4. We witnessed a great increase in the sales of Xbox One right after the announcement of Xbox One S but last month, Sony’s PS4 was leading the sales chart.

PS4 may have won the competition last month, but Microsoft’s Xbox One wasn’t far behind either. According to the reports and figures provided by NPD, Microsoft managed to sell over 1 million units last month, with a very least difference as compared with the Sony’s PS4, that had 100,000 additional units, making it 1.1 million units in total.

According to Mike Nichols, VP of Xbox, the ‘momentum’ for Xbox One has been strong since the E3 2016 and they witnessed a great demand for both the consoles during the Black Friday weekend. He said;

In addition, we saw record engagement among Xbox One owners on Xbox Live as fans enjoyed new games and great deals. In fact, the total players online on Sunday, Nov. 27 was up 40 percent compared to last year

Microsoft is yet to provide a total number of the unit sales of the console so it is difficult to draw the conclusion looking at the market share of both the consoles. It was revealed that the PS4 achieved the milestone of 50 million unit sales last month.

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Currently, the Microsoft is working on its high-end gaming console named as Xbox Scorpio. According to Microsoft, the Xbox Scorpio will be a ‘true 4K’ and ‘Hi-Fidelity VR’ capable console.

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