Before the release of Destiny every one already know that this game was going to be a big one, but how big was still the question until the officials released the statistics. Bungie has collected the first week interest statistics for us and the result was better than expected. If we see the reviews and those statistics your paradigm will totally shift.

1 Billion Players Have Died In Destiny Crucible: 100 Million Hours Played

Destiny Crucible

According to the developer’s official website, fans have played for much, much longer than what they anticipated. Here’s a rundown on the figures:

100 Million Hours Played – Enough to watch the entirety of The Lord of the Rings trilogy 8,797,653 times. And yes, we are talking about the Special Extended Editions. 137 Million Activities Played – The equivalent of 535,156 regular seasons of the NFL. The Average Gameplay Session lasts about 3 hours on weekdays. On weekends it turns out you have some extra time to kill, raising the average up to more than 4 hours per session. 1 Billion Players “Served” in the Crucible (player deaths).

The Destiny Crucible match is the game theme where a single crucible match has been equal to a single activity, regardless of the number of unique players in it. If you are also willing to try your skills in the Destiny Crucible, so here is the guide for you that you will be seeing in the game:

Salvage: 3v3. Defend the Relics to claim the secrets of the past.

Skirmish: 3v3. Teamwork gameplay against two Fireteam.

Combined Arms: 6v6. Coordinate vehicles and your ground game to control the battle and rout your opponent.

Destiny was released on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on September 9, 2014.

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